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With nationwide service from Stockbridge, Georgia, Wire Industries, LLC, provides quality products including baling wire, single-loop and double-loop bale ties, box wire, black annealed and hi-tensile galvanized wire on carriers, steel, plastic and nylon strapping, stretch film, and a variety of tools and dispensers.

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We are your one-stop destination for all things baling wire and strapping. With an extensive product range that covers various materials, sizes, and gauges for any of your baling wire needs – whether that means steel wire, galvanized wire, or anything in between, we have you covered.

Not only can we supply you with a wide range of baling wire and strapping, but we also provide comprehensive tool repair services. We understand the tools accompanying baling wire and strapping are vitally crucial to efficient operations; therefore, our expert technicians offer complete tool maintenance and repair services to ensure your tools remain in top shape, thus minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Quality Wiring and Packaging Product Service

We take value in offering personalized service to all of our customers. We believe that it is better to provide the customer with what THEY want built off of THEIR needs and we guarantee ALL of our products.

Our dedicated staff, comprised of experienced professionals, plays a crucial role in our success. Their expertise, hard work, and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in providing exceptional products and services to our valued customers.

With our expertise and commitment to quality, you can rely on us for durable and reliable baling and strapping solutions for all of your baling and strapping requirements – be it package securing, bundling materials or other applications, we aim to meet the highest standards of performance and durability with our provided products and service.

Longevity In Baling Wire Products Industry

Located in  Stockbridge, GA, for over 38 plus years, we have serviced customers locally and across the country. 

No matter where you reside, Georgia or across the U.S., we are ready and willing to serve with the same dedication and passion we have displayed since 1975.

Discover the Wire Industries, LLC, difference.  Experience the service, reliability, and personalized attention that has made us an industry leader for baling wire, strapping products, recycling products and recycling waste management solutions. Call us today.  We are sure we can meet or exceed your expectations!

Serving Multiple Industries
packaging products

In the realm of packaging, our hand-grade and machine-grade stretch films offer secure, economical solutions to meet a wide array of wrapping needs. The high clarity and ease-of-use of our films not only streamline your packaging processes but also contribute to your operational efficiency, thus positively impacting your profit margins.

recycled cardboard bale

In the recycling sector, the strength and durability of baling wire make it a standout choice for bundling materials. This makes it perfect for securing a diverse range of items like aluminum, cardboard, paper, and metal, among other recyclables, thereby streamlining the recycling process and enhancing operational efficiency.

nylon strapping

In the lumber industry, the use of steel, polyester, or polypropylene strapping is indispensable. It provides the essential function of securing, bundling, and reinforcing lumber packages and trusses during transportation, ensuring the safety and integrity of these crucial resources throughout their journey.

Nationwide Baling Wire Distribution To Better Serve You.

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We value our customers nationwide and look forward to welcoming You to our growing list of new business!

Your ultimate solution for all baling wire and strapping needs.

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