Single Loop Bale Ties

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Single Loop Bale Ties

Whether securing bales of recyclable products, tying a load of lumber together, or packaging any of your needs, and the list goes on…We aim to be YOUR goto when it comes to being your preferred baling wire and strapping supply provider.

We are a full stocking distributor, and by keeping our products in stock, we ship our products out the same day that they were ordered. Our service is above the rest as well as having a very knowledgeable sales staff.

Single Loop Bale Ties

Single Loop Bale Ties Stockbridge GA

Single Loop Bale Ties from us come in various options that are sure to meet all your packaging and bundling requirements, from Black Annealed or Galvanized options – both designed to deliver unsurpassed strength and durability.

The bale ties from us come packaged in convenient bundles of either 125 or 250 pieces for easy handling and storage. Based on your specific requirements, we offer various packaging solutions such as coil and palletized packaging options or straight length ties ensuring smooth storage solutions.

Choose from 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 gauge products depending on your bundling requirements – you’re sure to find one that perfectly balances strength with flexibility!

The Single Loop Bale Ties in our inventory offer flexibility in terms of securing materials of different sizes and types – be they cardboard, plastic, metal or any other – with lengths available up to 22 feet. Our bale ties offer reliable bundling solutions at an economical price point.

Rest easy knowing that our Single Loop Bale Ties are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and performance. We understand the need for secure bundling solutions, and our products are specifically designed to address them.

Wire Industries LLC can provide Single Loop Bale Ties that offer reliability, expertise, and dedication to customer service. Reach out today with your specific requirements; our knowledgeable team will work together with you to find a perfect solution to meet them.

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